What’s Going On With y00ts?

What’s Going On With y00ts?

The y00 ts NFT mint has actually suffered problems, however interest for the collection isn’t subsiding.

Key Takeaways

  • The main Twitter for the y00 ts NFT collection mentioned today that waitlisted individuals would not have the ability to mint their NFTs today as initially prepared.
  • Whitelisted candidates had actually likewise suffered a hold-up for their own mint.
  • t00 bs NFTs, which will quickly be exchangeable for y00 ts, are presently the leading traded collection on OpenSea.

Waitlisted candidates for the y00 ts mint will not have the ability to get their NFTs today, the main y00 ts Twitter account specified. A 24- hour notification will be offered prior to the mint goes live.

y00 ts, t00 bs, and DeGods

NFT minting procedures are complicated as ever, and one hotly-anticipated task has actually struck a couple of snags.

The main Twitter account of the y00 ts NFT collection published an upgrade today showing that waitlisted y00 ts fans would not have the ability to mint their NFTs today as formerly revealed. The account did not state when the mint will happen, however assured that a 24- hour notification would be provided.

Whitelisted candidates (not to be puzzled with the waitlisted ones) were currently able to mint their NFTs the other day; their mint, at first prepared for September 4, had actually likewise been postponed after the group experienced a “blocker bug” in the software application. Numerous neighborhood members talked about the quality of the minting experience, with some calling it smooth and others grumbling of prolonged problems. “Admittedly, minting has actually never ever been our strong point,” acknowledged the collection creator, who passes Frank on Twitter.

The y00 ts launch has actually been commonly prepared for in the NFT area. DeGods, an associated NFT collection likewise developed by Frank, reached record rates on September 1 in spite of the ruthless bearish market dragging most NFT collections down. Initially minted on October 8, 2021 at a cost of 3 SOL, the most affordable DeGods are presently trading for 479 SOL (worth about $14,849) on OpenSea and 450 SOL ($13,950) on Magic Eden Day-to-day trading volume is presently at 13,511 SOL.

Early y00 ts minters were granted mystical “t00 b” NFTs; the art work presently looks like an orb with a multi-colored, ringed planet-like item spinning in it. The previous launch plan suggested that the t00 b expose (in which t00 b NFTs will be burned in exchange for appropriate, special y00 ts NFTs) would take place on September 9, though it’s possible it will now be delayed as an effect of the task’s previous hold-ups.

A t00 b (#8524). Source: OpenSea

The least pricey t00 bs are currently trading for 160 SOL (about $4,960) on OpenSea and 138 SOL ($ 4,278) on Magic Eden Its trading volume of 189,900 SOL made t00 bs the leading traded collection on OpenSea in the last 24 hours.

Disclaimer: At the time of composing, the author of this piece owned ETH and a number of other cryptocurrencies.

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